About Us


We are a group of Chinese parents and international education and technical professionals, working between China and the UK to support Chinese parents when making decisions about their child’s education, and especially how to bridge the gap for Chinese children wishing to study in UK schools and universities.


Our aim is to exploit the potential of online resources and educational technology to offer comprehensive materials for young people to develop the skills they need to thrive as global learners and citizens.

Vincent Wang, CEO

Meet Our Team

Vincent Wang


Lisa Zhai


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Brian McGee

Director of Educational Services

Brian has worked in UK schools for over 30 years, as a teacher of English and Drama, and as Vice Principal of an International College. He has worked with students in China for many years.

Oliver Matthews

Production Manager

Penelope McGee
Gemma Sadowski

Oliver graduated in Ancient History from the University of Exeter and has taught English to young people in China.

Penny has taught English for many years and is an expert in supporting the learning of reading.

Gemma is an expert in teaching English to Chinese young people and combines this with a specialism in teaching literature.