Our Mission and Values

School Channel is the result of many years of experience of working with Chinese students who are planning to come to the UK to study. Our experience, backed up by academic research, shows that, in spite of achieving high level qualifications before they arrive, Chinese students can have a significant disadvantage in being able to access their studies at an equal level with their native peers.
We have identified three key reasons for this:
Language Level

Chinese students learn English from a very young age, but find themselves without the skills of fluency and confidence which native speakers enjoy. 

Learning Styles

The style of learning in the UK differs from that in China in significant ways, especially in the development of independent learning, critical thinking, collaboration and creativity. These skills, alongside the central skill of communication form the 4 Cs of 21st Century skills.

Culture Shock

Research indicates that the effects of culture shock can least for much longer than we might imagine, the effects lasting perhaps for a period of months or even years.

Our Mission is to offer comprehensive, engaging and compelling online materials which will support Chinese children in their aim to become confident international learners, and especially to develop a ‘second mother tongue’ fluency in their use of the English language.

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